Settlers West Galleries Summer Show

May  5th, 2018 Tucson, AZ
5:30 pm – Purchase Draw 7:00 pm

Working the Wells Ranch 20 x24 $5,500

See the rope-hinged gate? Wonder why the need for it? In remote areas of a ranch, old corrals still see use for branding. In this instance, most of the fence railings could be fixed easily enough, but not the gates. What was at hand were plenty of ropes so a makeshift gate was made. And actually, it was sturdy enough to last through several seasons.





Packing into the White Mountains 20 x 24 $5,500

Painting Won People’s Choice Award 

6420 N Campbell, Tucson, AZ 85718
ph: 520.299.2607
e: info@settlerswest.com

C.M. Russell Exhibition & Sale
March 15th – 17th, 2018

Supper Stage Stop 20 x 30

Nature Break 24 x 30

Great Falls, MT
Auction 2 Nights
ph. 406.727.8787


March 23rd – 25th, Wickenburg, AZ 

Horse Heaven 30 x 34

Bat Rider Going for the Lead Horse 20 x 30

Coyotero Apaches Crossing the Gila River 9 x 12

ph. 926.684.2272 
Paintings sold by Drawing


Briscoe Museum Night of Artists Show
March 23rd – 24th 2018, San Antonio, TX

Foggy Morning Crossing the Upper Brazos 20 x 30

Lost its Mother 24 x 24 (SOLD)

Last Stage to Laredo 16 x 20

ph. 210.299.4499
Paintings sold by Drawing



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